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Magic Literature eBooks

11 Best Magic Books

This offers the best classic magic reading of all time! Downloaded as eBooks, these are the 11 most famous classic titles in magic literature. A great resource for any magic-enthusiast, offering the best concepts in the Art of Magic.

The Art of Suggestion & Influence

A powerful and amazing resource to learn how to become a magician. Focusing on Practical Applications for Magicians, this knowledge is also beneficial in everyday life. This eBook covers a great introduction to powerful aspects of psychology, that will really enhance your magic to the next level.

Magic Stores Online


This is a high quality site that offers great magic tricks for beginners to advanced. If you want to learn how to become a magician, this site offers the high quality resources you need. They are selective about what they sell, cornering the market on the hottest effects and taught by the best magicians. Their quality tutorials will effectively teach you how to do magic tricks.

Magic Trick Store

With an amazingly large collection of magic tricks, they cover everything from kid-sets to magic tricks for the professional magician. Learn how to become a magician with through their huge inventory of magic gimmicks, props, books, and video tutorials.

Learn Magic Tricks Online

The Secrets of Card Magic

This is an online membership based course on beginning to learn magic. It has great tutorials on how to do magic tricks. I highly recommend this for any beginner or amateur. For the cost of about two or three magic tricks, you get an entire library that will teach you to learn how to become a magician. The great magic, amazing price, and quality teaching makes this my first choice for beginner and established magicians.

Pub Tricks

This is a great site to learn magic tricks because you can view a library containing a wide range of magic tricks, and order the specific tricks you want to learn. They are downloaded imedieatly to your computer so you can learn how to do these magic tricks right away. Perfect for quickly finding a new magic trick you want to show off, and instantly learning how to do it.

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